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Car Air Conditioning Forte Debug
Breathing Bacteria

Air conditioning (A/C) systems or climate control are becoming standard fit in most vehicles. A/C systems work independently of the heating system and are used to cool the vehicle's interior ambient temperature.

Manufactures recommend that the systems be used frequently or at the very least once a week. Problems can arise if the system is left unused for long periods, typically during the winter months.

Cold damp conditions will cause condensation to build up around the evaporator, which operates as a heat exchanger, which then become ideal conditions for micro organisms (bacteria, mould and fungi) to thrive. As those micro organisms grow, spores are formed that can be harmful to those travelling in the vehicle.

Once the A/C is used again during the warm weather, bad smelling odours produced by the bacteria etc are vented into the vehicle. The resulting poor air quality detracts from the driving experience and can lead to a condition know as 'sick car syndrome', which has flu like symptoms caused by the bugs entering the respiratory system.

How to Stop the Bugs 

Have your air conditioning decontaminated with forte air conditioning treatment.

Forté Air Conditioner Treatment will provide the following benefits to air conditioning systems:

  • Destroy bacteria on the evaporator
  • Eliminate unpleasant odours emitted from air conditioning systems
  • Deodorise the passenger cabin
  • Provide a healthier environment for car occupants
  • Simple safe application

Forté Air Conditioner Treatment is a preventative and curative treatment used to effectively eliminate mould, fungi and unpleasant odours that occur in air conditioning systems; typically when not used for a period of time.

The method of application is simple, safe and non-labour intensive as there is no need for extension tubes, additional equipment or lengthy time input from technicians.

Forté Air Conditioner Treatment does not contain solvent cleaning agents so is completely safe to use and will not affect any components, leather seats or wood and plastic trims.


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